Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ode to an ear of corn

I purchased some corn on the cob the other day from the market and it got me thinking.
How do others cook their corn? Do you eat it raw? Do you boil it? Or do you roast it like we do? I got this idea from the nice lady over at Fat Free Vegan where you roast it in the oven in the husk for 30 minutes then shuck and eat. http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2009/05/oven-roasted-corn-on-cob.html Delicious. It probably takes as long as boiling the water but it feels faster as you can leave it and get on to doing something else. When boiling up a gigantically pot of water you are constantly checking it out and swearing at it and shouting Where are the bubbles? Why cant I see any little bubbles forming on the bottom of the pot? and doing lots of sighing and huffing. At least that is how it goes in my house.

How do you eat your corn? Do you go all the way down the row left to right  and then go back to the left and start all over? This is my preferred method. I actually like to pretend Im a typewriter and go DING! At the end of each row. This annoys the Amazing Spiderman to no end, which is probably why I like to do it.
Do you eat in a circular way starting on the left and eating all around the cob and then moving over a bite at a time until you reach the end? This is how the Amazing Spiderman does it. I think it is more fun to pretend youre a typewriter, although these days who knows what a typewriter even is?

Do you use those little novelty doo-dahs to hold your corn? This a favourite thing from my childhood. We had little plastic spiky doo-dahs shaped like (wait for it) ears of corn that you put in to either end of the ear to give you handles to hold on to. My mum found some just like my childhood set and posted them to me. Thanks Mum!  I ALWAYS use them. They are so much fun and make the corn feel even more festive like a party or a picnic. Spiderman NEVER uses them despite the fact that I have a set of 6. He says nothing can make food more fun. Which I totally disagree with. Vegetables cut into shapes taste better. FACT.

            So how do you do it then? Id be interested to hear. Does anyone eat from right to left? Maybe like reading Hebrew or Arabic? Just curious.

            Just to end with a joke since were being corny here.
Q: What did the ear of corn call his Dad?
A: Pop Corn
Boom Boom!

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  1. I too do the typewriter method! I don't actually say the ding at the end of the row, but I am definitely thinking it!

    I love corn in the husk cooked on a closed grill. Corn is being harvested here, and I love the way the fields look before and after. Oh! And Corn Mazes! Woot!