Monday, 30 May 2011

Merry Widows

One of the cool things about living so near London is we can nip in by train and do lots of amazing things and then be back home home at a (semi) decent hour. The other thing is that going to watch a BBC television programme or Radio recording is FREE if you know how to apply on line for tickets which we do. So even though we don't own a telly we love to go to recordings because you watch them on BBC-i player later on.

Last night we went into to London and saw the filming of a pilot called Merry Widows about 3 generations of women on the day of the daughter's husband's funeral. It was set in the Lake District and starred the hilarious Miriam Margolyes as the slightly dotty, fond of a drink granny who lost her husband in Borneo whilst she was pregnant with the daughter played with love to be a grief martyr funnyness by Michelle Gomez whose husband died of a virus that she thought was man flu. It was set on the day the grand daughter (played by Natalie Casey) buried her husband--slightly shell shocked trying to find a place to grieve for her newly dead husband killed in Afghanistan while Laurel and Hardy are joking it up about their widowhood in the kitchen .

it was good and funny and sad and poignant with a spoiler I won't reveal in case it gets picked up a series. I hope it does. But at least we were there to see the pilot.

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  1. sounds like one I would like to see make it to LPB later on.