Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Robin Ince's School For Gifted Children

According to Robin Ince's blog:
The original thinking person's comedy night, this time themed around science fiction, with guests Frank Skinner, Toby Hadoke, Richard Sandling, Helen Keen,Helen Arney and Darren Hayman. Note to the public: this is not an actual school for actually gifted children - it's a comedy night designed to be slightly more interesting than the mainstream.

We went to this last night and it was a blast. It was very funny and geeky--it was even held at the British Library! There were comedians and singers. Toby Hadoke of Moths Ate My Dr Who Scarf fame was hilarious and Richard Sandling--this huge beardy bloke brought all these homemade films of great moments in Sci-Fiction filmed with him and his mate's in his flat that were very lo-tech but priceless. Have you ever seen the film Be Kind, Rewind? Like that. Frank Skinner in the last year has discovered Science Fiction as a genre and is reading everything he can get his hands on and gave a very funny interview. Darren Hayman sang some touching and poignant songs on his guitar as he swayed forwards and backwards so far i thought he might fall over as his eyes were closed when he was singing. he sang songs about the first dogs in space and missing the leafy grass of home and I wanted to sob. These were the first dogs who made it back alive. How many dogs did not doesn't bear thinking of.  Helen Arney  played the ukulele and now I want one!!!! It was the coolest instrument evah next to the accordion--absolutely perfect for singing silly songs and sing-a-longs. She sang a wonderfully clever song about getting your husband cryogenically frozen--well just his head (she never liked his body much) and one about the Sun having the hump because we know so much about space now he doesn't seem so special. Watch this space (and stuff cotton in your ears Spiderman) I want a ukulele!!!!

It was a great evening of entertainment for only £7.50 each. Amazing. I bloody love it here.

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