Monday, 5 September 2011

There are two kinds of people in the world

Spiderman’s theory is:
 There are two kinds of people in the world.
Those who have nuts and those who are nuts.

My theory is:
There are two kinds of people in the world.
Those who like to count and those who don’t.

Also those who see faces in inanimate objects and those who don’t –but that’s for another post.

I am certainly no mathematician. My math skills are passable at best. But there is something lovely about counting. I’m like the character Count Von Count from Sesame Street. 3, 3 chocolate chips in this cookie, ah, ah, ah! (cue thunder and lightning)

Maybe it the OCD side of me. Some things I like to keep to even amounts such as:
  1. Number of swipes of deodorant under each arm. (8)  Spiderman doesn’t count and sometimes I try to watch him and count so I can see just how uneven his underarm protection is—that was stopped pretty quickly.
  2. Number of squirts of oil—whether it is the sunflower oil I wash my face with (3 squirts) or the oil I spray in a pan for cooking (6 squirts)
  3. How many grinds of pepper. (20) I asked Spiderman how much pepper he usually puts in the soup but he couldn’t tell me in exact numbers. He just said a lot.

Some things I just like to know how long it takes such as:
  1. How many steps from our front door to the nearest pillar box to post a letter. 91.
  2. How many chocolate chips in each cookie. (variable)
  3. How many seconds does it take me to pee. (no really) That is an interesting one—just to compare the variable. No wonder that was a 49—I was bursting.

I like to count as I do things. How many snips will it take to cut out this square of paper. How many stirs will it take for the brownie batter to be mixed up. I don’t even realize I’m doing it. But as soon as I start to do a repetitive activity I start counting to myself.

I’m the sort of person who would love to wear a pedometer and count my steps for the day and make a chart seeing which days I walked the most. Just for funsies, ya know?

Maybe there is more to Spiderman’s theory than we thought.


  1. I count things while I am exercising. Oddly enough, if I am doing multiple repetitions, I count by percentages. I also count footsteps on a treadmill. Weird, but on a TM, 6 paces is equal to .01 of a mile!