Monday, 30 July 2012

(un) Kool Aid

We all grew up on Kool Aid. It was red and sweet and made you hyperactive. Remember that huge pitcher who would crash your through your wall and make life even more fun? Nobody cared that he'd just destroyed your house because he brought Kool Aid with him! It was meant to be a healthier drink than soda. All those moms in the commercial saying, "With Kool Aid I can control the sugar." Well, in reality each cup of Kool Aid has 5 teaspoons sugar--that's 20 grams--about 80 calories. Not so cool now are you, Kool Aid? No wonder childhood obesity is sky rocketing.

 How Kool Aid is *actually* made

As an adult I moved onto to Crystal Lite.
This stuff tasted like Kool Aid but was sugar free so it was healthy, right? WRONG. It contains the artificial sweetener aspartame which is linked to some controversy.  Read about why here:

Now-a-days I drink cold red tea with lemon and sweetened with stevia. Not red from Red Dye number 40, red from hibiscus. Not sweetened with sugar or artificial chemical sweeteners, but sweetened from stevia which comes from the leaves of a plant.
I make up a pot of red tea before bed, let it steep overnight and then in the morning I squeeze out the tea bags, add the juice of one lemon and stevia to taste and put it in the fridge to get cool. That’s it. It tastes lovely and fresh.

Stay tuned for the craft activity –a sun hat for your tea jug!

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