Saturday, 22 December 2012

Share the love (or at least the chocolate)

Yesterday was the last day of school until the new year--I was wondering if the world would end as the Mayans predicted and then I'd never get to see the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, which would be a real shame. Luckily, we're all still here and so now I can relax and look forward to a bit of the old sonic screwdriver and a new companion for the Doctor. Woohoo!

I also tend to get lots of gifts from children. Much of the time I get milk chocolate that we won't eat because we're vegan. It is a really thoughtful gesture from children who love me and I would never want to act like I don't want it as it would hurt their feelings. But what am I to do with boxes full of milk chocs?

Well, I think gestures are important. It is a kind and loving gesture for a child to give me something sweet so I try to turn it around and share the love with others. After the last day of school, I tally up all the treats we can't eat and divide them into decorated bags and give them out to people who make a difference in my life.

There are many places in town where the people know me and always chat with me when I am there. The public library (where I am right now typing this post) provides me with books and free computer time plus films and CDs as well as a friendly staff who always say hello and help me locate books.

The greengrocers where the people know me well and save back spotty bananas or fennel for me because they know I like them. We have a running joke about them trying give me a bag as I am a notorious bag refuser and will bring a sad, taped up, wrinkled paper bag to reuse several times until it falls apart. Then and only then can they give me a new bag.

The bowl people at the market. This is our favourite fruit and veg stall, run by a friendly husband and wife. We get a bowl of bananas, apples and oranges from them every Saturday as well as other things, but since we buy the Trinity (as the 3 major fruits are known) in bowls we have dubbed them the bowl people. They are lovely and chatty and he always says "and all the best to you, guv'nor" when he gives you your change.

The nice couple who run the haberdashery stall at the market. They keep me in thread and buttons and ribbon and felt and anything you need. They have been kind enough to save back remnants that were damaged and unsellable but still usable for me to take home.

These people make my life infinitely better. They are people who bring lots of joy into my life and it is very nice at Christmas to share a little gesture that says THANKS.


  1. Merry Christmas from Wendy's aunt. She told me about your blog, which I enjoy reading. After living for almost 30 years in The Netherlands, this Alec girl returned to La in 2006. You might enjoy my Wetcreek Blog.

  2. I love this........wondered in my quizzical way if any of them were vegan and would have to "pass it forward" also.

    And BTW, everybody knows (best Sweetie voice imitation I can muster) that the Holy Trinity is celery, onion and bellpepper for making Cajun foods.

    That is an oxymoron, isn't it............because what did Sweetie know about Cajun anything? Still, she was a champion at saying "humph, everybody knows. . . . ."

    Happy memories.