Saturday, 19 April 2014

Upwardly Mobile

Our friends Iain and Rachel are having a baby. I am not normally a pee-pee baby sort of person. As the comedian Bec Hill said, “Why do people want you to hold their babies? There is nothing else that you could give someone to hold that came out of your vagina that is socially acceptable.” 

Only one other time have I been this excited about a baby and that was when my friend Cereal was pregnant with Zoria. I showed up at the hospital dressed as a Pilgrim (I came straight from school) and the rest, as they say, is history.

I am that sort of excited again because I love Iain and Rachel. They were kind enough to let me make their wedding invitations and do a reading at their wedding and so I was keen to do something special for the Bebé . I know in several years time I’ll be “Auntie Spidergrrl” and the child will come round and see the spiders and we’ll have a craft day or do some cooking together, but in the mean time I wanted to make something nice.

So I made a mobile to hang over the crib. Which would be pronounced Mow-Bull in the US, but is apparently pronounced Mow-Bile in the UK. Whatever. I can completely see the appeal of one of these. They are mesmerising to watch. This from the woman who could spent hours entranced watching a cement mixer at work. But I digress. 

The nursery  is yellow as we don’t know if the  Bebé is a girl person or a boy person yet. The theme is Winnie the Pooh and so we decided on a rain cloud mobile. You know…I’m just a little black rain cloud and Tut tut! It looks like rain and all that.

Iain says the child needs to look at rain clouds as that is the predominant weather here in the UK.

So here it is. Some lovely Krishna coloured rain clouds (they are a beautiful grey with a hint of purple) and some sparkly drip drops as well as a friendly rainbow in the middle just to brighten things up.

We don’t want the poor kid to get Seasonal Affective Disorder too soon.

In six weeks (give or take) we will welcome you to the world. Every time your tiny eyes look up you will see something made with lots of love and care and you will feel safe and happy knowing you are loved so very, very deeply.

Welcome to the world. 


  1. For someone who is not a pee pee baby person you can make a fantastic mobile! The primary colors are perfect! What a good auntie spidergrrl!

  2. awwwww. The rainbow looks just like the ceramic one you painted for me from The Sunshine Shop. This is a great gift, and indeed made with love.

  3. Ms Tiz! I still have some pieces I painted there with Heather! They are sitting on my printers shelf!