Monday, 28 July 2014

And now for something completely different

Since we are moving to Wales we are going to have a bit of a lifestyle change. No more popping into London for us. We used to do that an awful lot and it was a blast.

 But it was expensive.

 Terrifically expensive.

 We are so very lucky that where we are going is a university town and so many of our favourite comedians often tour the college circuit. Marcus Brigstocke was there just a month or two ago. Carmarthen also boasts a cinema (for when Joe Hill’s film Horns based on his incredible book is finally released) as well as a playhouse for the theatre. The university theatre department is also there and I am sure we will see some great student productions as well.

But mostly we are going to walk.

 And hike.

 And be in the green wide open spaces.

 And look for wildlife.

 We’re armed with a bat detector and a set of cool Nordic walking poles from some amazing friends of mine.

 But we wanted one last thing. One last special day out. One last glorious hoorah.

 And we did it. There could have been *nothing* better than this.

 As our last hoorah in London we went to see

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Live!!!!!!

I know! I know! It was the last night of their One Down, Five to Go tour.

It was bloody brilliant (but I don’t need to tell you that, do I?)

Man, they were old. Really old. But still as funny as ever.

And Carol Cleveland? Oh yeah. She was still a babe.

 It was an all singing, all dancing extravaganza (with young, fit dancers doing the silly walk as John Cleese has had two hip replacements and obviously can’t do it anymore) with old favourite songs like Sit On My Face and The Penis Song (with additional new verses)

Listen to the Penis Song here:

 It was a very good mix of the show and the films.

 For example…

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!!

If you do not know this from the show then watch it here:


1. Turn the rack (yes, ha ha…it is a kitchen rack)

2. Put her in the comfy chair. (oh yes…)

3. Go to the fridge and get her a glass of cold milk (what??? That’s not in the original)

 And then of course it hits me.

 BOOM. What’s in the fridge? Why only my favourite Python Eric Idle--who comes out of the fridge in the film The Meaning of Life to sing the Galaxy song!


This was followed by an *ingenious* video clip of dishy Professor Brian Cox explaining how the song was scientifically inaccurate and being run down by the actual Stephen Hawking in his motorised wheelchair after which “The Hawk” sang the Galaxy song with his robot voice manipulator.

 Utter fantastic. I nearly peed my pants when Stephen Hawking came zooming down the path and bumped off Brian Cox.

There were Poofy Judges and Llamas in Spanish

There was a good ole sing song to the Bruce’s Philosopher’s song (which I can play on the ukulele) Join in singing here:

 Albatross  (it’s bloody sea bird flavour!) turned into Nudge Nudge (Know what I mean…say no more!) Watch it here:

Pet shop turned into Cheese shop (they are both shops after all) and there was an enormous dead blue parrot outside. Watch here:

 Mr Anchovy wants to be a lion tamer segued beautifully into the Lumberjack song. There was this brilliant moment where the conversation went like this:

Mr Anchovy: I never wanted to be a lion tamer…I wanted to be a---
HUGE anticipatory laugh from audience. We all know what is coming next.
At least we thought we did.
Mr Anchovy: I wanted to be…a systems analyst.

 Wild applause from the audience. Which then turned into the song we all love. Incidentally, I can also play this on the ukulele.

 There were so many old favourites…My theory about brontosaurus’ by Anne Elk, Blackmail, Spam and Finland, Crunchy frog, argument clinic, the penguin on your telly is about to explode, Gumby flower arranging, Every Sperm is Sacred from Meaning of Life and so much more. There were animations (old and new), film footage from the show featuring Graham Chapman (the dead one who sadly couldn’t make it on account of being dead)  and my all time favourite clip from the show was featured--the Batley Townswomen's Guild re-enacting the battle of Pearl Harbour. Watch it here and be ready to cry with laughter.

But the end (which came all too soon) was the cleverly titled spontaneous encore-- a big sing along to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from Life of Brian.

After rapturous applause and standing ovations and much cheering, a sign appeared on the screens on the stage.



So we did. With 15,000 other people who also wanted to take the tube home.


It was a long wait.

When we finally did get to the Tube station, the train driver made a very funny announcement.

 Ladies and gentlemen, those with a keen sense of smell will be able to smell the stink of jealousy coming from the cabin. I really wanted to go and see my heroes Monty Python on their last night of the tour, but instead I’m here just driving you all home. Sigh……

Which is why, when we got home at nearly 2am I could say:





  1. Bravo! to them and to you!

    Boo! Hiss! to the company that made the driver work

  2. YOU!!!!! MAKE ME SO JEALOUS!!!!!

    Love you lots!