Friday, 24 July 2015

Dr Vegan's Sing-Along Blog

Up for some light entertainment? Fancy dressing up like a cow and singing a song about vegans? Well, my friend, you are in luck. Me and some of my amazing vegan peeps recently performed a song and dance routine at our Summer Vegan Meet and Greet.

Peter wrote the song and asked me if I was interested in singing a duet with him. He and  I are both gobby show-offs and so of course I was up for it. His wife Kathryn and our friend Priya agreed to be back up singers/dancers. I designed some choreography that was simple but effective. We had several Sunday afternoon meals followed by rehearsals that made us laugh until we cried.  Once I was literally lying on the floor clutching my sides after Peter (who wrote the song, you must remember oh best beloved) inexplicably changed the tune and began to sing it as if it was that song by Rod "the bod" Stewart all without realising it. Each time we would be laughing and he would be puzzled as to the laughter and he would groan and say, "I'm doing it again, aren't I?"

Who says vegans have no sense of humour, eh? But that's what people think.  When you go vegan that you become serious or angry or lose your sense of humour. That's why we did it--to show that vegans enjoy a laugh.

And dressing up like cows. And a panda.

So here we are. P and the Three C's.  Or Panda and the three cows.  Because that was the onesie costumes we were able to secure.

So turn up your volume and strap on your seatbelt.  Feel free to sing along with the chorus.      

So without further ado, I present P and the Three C's singing You Gotta be a Vegan.  



  1. Yes, oh best beloved, this is adorable! And you get the gobby show off stuff from your mother, you know. Although GLT had some funny gobby show off tricks of his own from time to time--he just didn't go public with them.

  2. Yes, oh best beloved, I agree with sister. You get your gobby show off not only from your mum but also from the George/Hoffpaur line. Your history goes way back. Loved this.