Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Krafty With a K

In Louisiana, for some absurd reason, many things are spelled with a K that have no business being spelled with a K. Krafty for a start. There was a shop in town called Krafty Kreations which I suppose they thought was kute. Is it any wonder that Louisiana ranks 49 out of 50 in education? Every child grows up thinking you spell things with a K. But I digress.

I like to be crafty--and spell it with a C, thank you very much. I love to sew. I love to embroider (hand sewing) and I love machine sewing. When we moved to the UK the first appliance we bought after a fridge and a washing machine was a sewing machine for me. Yes, I love it that much.

A few months ago my wallet went kaput (and that can be spelled with a K!) It was falling apart at the seams and I needed a replacement. But what to do? Every one I found at the market was made of leather--or at least had some leather bits--and that I did not want. So what’s a crafty gal to do for cheap? Make it herself! So I did. I dug around in my scrap basket and found some fabric. Every time I sew I save back bits that might be useful. You never know, do you? I found some blue and green leafy apron fabric that I loved as well as some blue dress fabric and I was good to go.

Here it is. My wallet. Or purse rather. Over in the UK what I’d call a wallet is called a purse and what I’d call a purse is called a handbag. Confused yet? So was I. But now I’ve got the hang of it.

This is how it looks all closed up. Isn’t it purdy?

This is how it looks open. There is a enclosed pocket for cards that fastens with a button to stop cards from falling all over the place when you least expect it. That button was a later addition after experiencing aforementioned disaster. Now it works perfectly. There is a bit for bills (not that I ever have many of those just laying about) and a bit for change. The change compartment presented me with a poser as I don’t do zips. But I cleverly made an attached drawstring bag that perfectly holds the change in and you just press the toggle and the bag opens and you can get your change out. I carry lots of coins about--you have to remember that £1 only comes in coins not bills so there are always lots of £1 coins and £2 coins in my change compartment for buying fruit and veg from the market or greengrocers.

It has inspired to me to make a backpack or rucksack as it is known here to replace my current one which is a bit tatty. I use this in place of a handbag to be hands free. I like to decorate it with badges--or pins/buttons to my American homeys--from all our travels and with children’s book characters. So soon when I finish the gorgeous bag I shall blog about it. 

So for now, go forth and be krafty, but never be krap.

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  1. Nice wallet! You really should try letterboxing! It would appeal to your sense of craftiness and your love of art, and get you out and about!