Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Baja Tempeh and Colourful Vegetables

The cookbook Veganomicon suggests to serve this tempeh with a tangy coleslaw. I find shredding cabbage a royal pain and you cant get it pre shredded here so I tend to opt for something else. She also rolls them up in tortillas but I cant be bothered with that either. It is hard to find tortillas that don't contain L-Cysteine--this is a dough conditioner made from either hunan/animal hair or feathers or synthetically from coal tar which is a known carcinogen. Either way--no thanks. Plus we just don't eat that much wheat these days as it bothers my tummy and you can't find spelt torillas. And besides we had bread yesterday and are having it tomorrow. So this is what I did:

I thinly sliced 2 onions into rings and cooked them slowly until they were golden and caramelised . While the onions were cooking I sliced some carrot, red pepper and cucumber into matchsticks and marinated them with apple cider vinegar. When the onions were done I put them in another container and used the same skillet to cook the tempeh I marinated yesterday with the leftover beer. When the tempeh was cooking I made some barley couscous to go with it. You cant really see the couscous or the onion in the photo--but theyre there, I promise you.

Earlier in the day I had made coriander (cilantro) lime sour cream to go over it. First you need to thicken your yogurt. Pour 500g of soy yogurt into a clean tea towel and tie it up. Let it hang from the kitchen tap for a few hours until some of the liquid has drained away and the yogurt is noticeably thicker. Puree this with some fresh coriander and 3 TB of lime juice in your food processor and then put it in the fridge to thicken back up. This doesn’t keep very well due to the fresh coriander so plan to gobble it all up.

This is tangtastic (there’s that word again) and super yum and very easy since I started the marinade yesterday. Enjoy!

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