Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sweet and Salty

Sweet and salty, salty and sweet--its all the same to me. Whichever way you say it,  it still equals a good combination of tastes. I once knew someone who used to eat something salty like a packet of crisps and then smack her lips and say, Hmmmm. My mouth is too salty now. I need something sweet to counteract the salt. Then she would proceed to the vending machine and buy a candy bar and eat it and then smack her lips and say, Hmmmm. My mouth is too sweet now. I need something salty to counter act all the sugar. And so it would go on. I prefer to mix the two flavours and call it a day.

My current obsession has also been heat. Every since my friend gave me a copy of The Cajun Night Before Christmas I have had a longing for some spicy Cajun food. Ive been through a bottle of Tabasco --thank God they sell it here. It even has the royal seal of approval as it is served in Buckingham Palace to the Queen! --eating it on everything and occasionally just shaking a few drops in my mouth because I am like that.  But I have had an unbelievable craving for some Tonys. Those from the Louisiana way will know I am referring to Tony Chachere's spicy, salty Creole sprinkle on everything spice. You cant get that here but I googled the ingredients and then looked at my local supermarket Cajun spice and it was pretty much the same. Salt, cayenne, garlic and some paprika and herbs. I bought some and I cannot get enough. But it is pretty salty so I am planning to make me a version using Lo-Salt when this runs out--which will be soon because I cannot stop eating it--because you can find Cajun seasoning recipes by the tonne on the internet. Which brings me to my latest sweet and salty concoction:

Ready to eat dried apricots rolled in Cajun seasoning. I know what youre thinking--but give it a try. The flavours go really well and apricots are high in iron and 4-5 count as a serving of fruit--so there.

. Im going off to eat some now. Mmmm..sweet, salty and spicy.

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  1. One of my favorite snacks...
    dried mango covered in chili lime seasoning....

    So good!