Saturday, 4 December 2010

Chestnuts roasting on an open oil drum

This is a magical time of year where we wait for the arrival of a very special man. He comes once a year to spread warmth and joy to all who encounter him. No it's not Father Christmas. Nor am I thinking of Jesus at this moment. Do you give up????

It's the CHESTNUT MAN! Every Saturday in December the Chestnut Man appears in our market with his oil drum. The drum has holes drilled in for ventilation and he lights a fire underneath and roasts chestnuts on top. If you have never eaten fresh roasted chestnuts then you are in for a treat. You have to cut a bit into the shell to let steam escape or they will jump around like popcorn! For £1.20 a bag you can buy a serving of hot roasted chestnuts. All you do is peel away the softened shell and munch your way to happiness.

The man knows me by name which should really say something. He also knows I ask for 2 bags because I don't want to share. Today when I went to the market my heart was beating in my chest for fear he would not be there. But he was! Hooray!

I love you Chestnut Man!!! You are one of the traditions that make Christmas special.


  1. I love your traditions! They are so untraditional!

  2. I remember seeing the chestnut man, but alas, I did not sample his wares. :-/