Friday, 15 April 2011

Love from your Chick-a-dee

Eleven years ago yesterday my beloved father left his body to travel the stars. He died in the arms of myself and my mother as we sang him out of suffering and into peace. We carved these words on his cemetery marker:
An Uncommon Spirit
A Man of Great Integrity

Gentleman and Scholar
Husband, Father, Teacher and Friend

They were true, every last word. He was the most influential man I ever had the grace and pleasure to know. I was blessed beyond measure for the 30 years we had together. I think of him often and wonder what he would make of my life. Am I following the directives he set forth for me? Is he proud? The three most important things he said to me my entire life—made me repeat them every day to him—were these simple truths:
1.      Know that I love you
2.      Check your facts
3.      Stand up for what you believe is right
GLT, out there swirling the Heavens, do you think of me as often as I think of you? Can you see the work I have done for God’s world? Do you know how much I still love you? I hope I have made you proud.
Love from your Chick-a-dee


  1. I'm sure you have made him proud. I love your imagery, chickadee. He knows that you know he loves you. My heart is too full to say more.

  2. He was so proud of you! And he loved you so much! I loved reading what you wrote.