Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rain, rain go away

But this is Britain we are talking about. It has a faint drizzly rainy thing going on about 50% of the time. Just enough to make your glasses all spotty. I need someone to invent a pair of tiny windscreen wipers for my glasses.

It is funny how types of rain are described here by comparing them to bodily fluids. It is spitting means just a bit of rain, here and there, on and off, just a dribble. Pissing down with rain means quite heavily. Also chucking it down means quite heavy--but chucking is not a bodily fluid--unless you are really saying up-chucking it down.

I have long since given up on umbrellas. It is also windy here and every umbrella I've ever owned has either made me lift off the ground like Mary Poppins if a wind current catches under there or more likely turned my umbrella inside and out and crumpled it like a paper cup. My new rain gear involves a really enormous yellow poncho with a hood that makes me look a bit like Big Bird. But it works even if I look like a big dork.

Sunny days are rare here. In the US you say partly cloudy but in the UK you say partly sunny. Ever the optimists, we are.

I'm not sure it can be called partly sunny today as I have seen no actual sun. It has been between spitting and pissing. And bloody cold. But what's a bit of bodily fluid, eh?

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  1. Sounds just like the weather we had in Washington. Stay dry my dear!