Sunday, 23 December 2012

We wish you a hairy Christmas

Look at this amazing free software you can get on we use it at school in ICT and I've just had a go at it and look what I've done:
click on me to see my hairy red legs up close!

This is a photo of Frida and her first cricket. I have dolled them up for Christmas.

It has been a spider-y sort of Christmas for us (to be fair, when is it not a spider-y sort of time) because yesterday we received a *lovely* hand made spider ornament from my cousin Julie and her family. It was attached to the legend of the Christmas Spider. If you don't know this story you can read a version of it here: it is a sweet story of how spiders created the first tinsel with the help of the Christ Child (or Santa depending on the version) We have several illustrated copies of this wonderful tale in our spider book collection.

It was such a thoughtful surprise and now hangs in a place of honour on our tree. One can never have too many spider decorations, I always say.

Thank you Julie, Chris, Taylor, Madison and Natalie for our lovely spider!

Happy Christmas everyone!

PS here's a good ole cracker joke to get you in the holiday spirit:
Q: What happens to you if you eat too much Christmas tinsel?
A: You get tinselitis!
Boom boom!


  1. nicely done. seems a shame to put a santa hat on that poor cricket.. . . . .but such is the cycle of life.

  2. Merry Christmas my dear! Frida is lovely!