Saturday, 1 June 2013

Black and white

When I was growing up my father would take me in his arms every day and repeat these words:

Know that I love you
Check your facts
Stand up for what you believe in

We'll be in London today to march against the badger cull. You can read about it here:

I feel it is important to stand up for those who have no voice--and animals have no voice but ours. Despite scientific evidence that shows that bovine TB is NOT caused by badgers but by unsanitary and overcrowded factory farms--which are really just animal factories, plus a vote in the house of commons of 147 to 25 AGAINST the cull and a petition with over 200,000 signatures, the government seems to be pushing ahead with the cull.

Brian May of Queen is leading the march where we will present the petition at the DEFRA headquarters.

May it help them change their minds.

Update article:

There were about 2000 people there, all decked out in black and white. It was a very moving experience to be with so many people of all ages who had compassion in their hearts. We had to change our route as the BNP were also marching today, but we were out there in the world trying to make it better.

Another article well worth reading about how they plan to go about the cull.

If you are in the UK please write to your MP immediately as it is going before the House of Commons again on Wednesday the 5th of June. Please ask him or her to vote against the cull.

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