Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Purple (potato) eater

I found these purple potatoes at Sainsbury --aren’t they gorgeous?

The packaging said they had higher levels of vitamin C and I can well believe it. I think they’d be a great way to get kids to eat their food. It certainly got me eating it. They had a sweeter, earthier flavour that was delicious. To be healthy we are told to “eat the rainbow”--this sure would help.

I made Peruvian purple potato soup from the cookbook Appetite for Reduction.


It tasted lovely and was the colour of amethyst!  It was like eating soup made in the Gillikin part of Oz (the northern country where everything is purple. Just like Munchkinland to the east is blue, Winkie country to the west is yellow and Quadling country down south is red)

We roasted the ones that didn’t go in the soup a few days later with some sweet potato and the colours of pink and purple together were very pleasing to the eye (and the mouth!)

When I brought leftovers to work, several people said the colour put them off, but not me.

Would you eat purple potatoes?

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