Thursday, 5 September 2013

This is why we have no money

We like to spend our money on life--experiences, art, theatre and anything that enriches us. Who needs the latest gadget when you can buy an original illustration from the amazing Chris Riddell?

Yesterday Spiderman came across this collection of very funny parodies of Unwritten Books that are on display in Bristol at the moment. They are wickedly funny--you do need to be well read to understand some of them--and they were beautifully and cleverly rendered by Chris Riddell.
Go here to see the full exhibit:

But then we got to this one and we knew we had to have it for our own.

We just loved it and so impulsively bought it. This may mean that we'll be eating lots of beans and rice for the rest of the month to make up for the purchase, but to be fair we always eat lots of beans and rice so that's not exactly a hardship.

We are lucky because it is coming from the exhibit it will already be framed so that is even better. Instant Art.

Art is bad for the pocketbook, but good for the soul. This will be feeding our hearts for years to come.

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