Monday, 18 November 2013

Like Dr Seuss on Acid

This is my new favourite song. It is weird and wonderful, like Dr Seuss on acid. It is definitely an earworm and I’ve been humming it constantly which annoys Spiderman to no end. He hasn’t actually heard it (he refuses to) but I think this is because he knows he’ll be consumed by it and be forced to start making animal noises in public or talking to friendly horses in morse code.  

I came across it last week in our school talent show. Apparently I was the *only* person in the school who had never heard it. It featured in no less than 5 acts and I never got tired of it. After the talent show, I ambled over to Spiderman’s school and told him all about it. A friendly sixth form boy (think 12th grade) overheard me and filled me on the details such as who the artist is (none of the wee children mentioned it) and the fact that they have a video.


The band is called Ylvis--they are possibly the most successful band from Norway since A-ha. The song is called What does the fox say? and is like a children’s primer mixed with a load of nonsense all set to a very danceable beat.

Here’s a link to the video which is helpfully subtitled. What does the fox say? 

 If for some reason you can't access youtube (I myself have to go to the public library to watch it) then here are the lyrics just to give you an idea of the delicious weirdness. 

It is already so popular that it has acquired a parody. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? The parody by Annoying Orange (which is equally funny) is like an episode of Veggie Tales on drugs.

I think it gets funnier every time I hear it. I did have to explain to some kids about the line “And the seal goes ow ow ow!” because none of them knew about baby seals being clubbed for their fur.

I read somewhere online that it was being turned into a children’s book and I will be standing in line to buy it when it does.

 I’d better start practicing my morse code.


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