Friday, 29 November 2013

This is an ex-parrot

You may have heard that the old Monty Python crew—the still living ones—are having a reunion tour in July of 2014. They are doing their first live performance since Live at the Hollywood Bowl thirty years ago. It was originally meant to be a one-off gig but as the tickets sold out in 43.5 seconds (I should mention that the O2 Arena seats up to 20,000 people) they have extended it to a few other dates.

And we’ll be there.

Spiderman has asked me not to enquire as to the cost of our tickets. I shan’t.

We have never been in such a large venue before. It is a good thing they project the stage onto a screen as we’d have no chance in hell of seeing them. They’d be like ants, I have no doubt.

But it doesn’t matter.

We’ll be seeing them.

Monty Python.

Our comedy heroes.

Live. On stage.

Really, really old men that used to be funny.

I hope they still are.

But we will be able to say we were there—we saw them—and that will be worth it.

Let the silliness begin.


  1. Jelly Beans! So happy for you guys!

  2. Gloria Shelby and I both tried to post a comment, but the stupid computer just kept knocking us off. So, now that it is cooperating, I'll just say she was excited for you and so am I, but I'm really really jealous. LeCrete and Melissa also are turning green with envy.