Friday, 6 December 2013

I am the song

My class of year 4s (think third grade to my American peeps) read this poem by Charles Causley

I am the Song

I am the song that sings the bird.
I am the leaf that grows the land.
I am the tide that moves the moon.
I am the stream that halts the sand.
I am the cloud that drives the storm.
I am the earth that lights the sun.
I am the fire that strikes the stone.
I am the clay that shapes the hand.
I am the word that speaks the man

and we were inspired to write our own version. It really makes you think in a different way. I was so proud of them because they also performed it at the school carol concert on Wednesday.  It was beautifully and simply recited and a refreshing change from the many soppy poems recited in unison in a sing-song voice.

Well done Spain class.

I am the Song

I am the song that caries the angel

I am the angel that caries the song

I am the wood that lights the fire

I am the fire that lights the wood

I am the excitement that holds the night

I am the night that holds the excitement

I am the tree that protects the man

I am the man that protects the tree

I am the joy that comes with a child

I am the child that comes with joy

I am the king that follows the star

I am the star that follows the king

I am the cradle that warms the baby

I am the baby that warms the cradle

I am the choir that sings in the church

I am the church that sings in the choir

I am the child that lights the candle

I am the candle that lights the child

I am the song that gives us light

I am the light that gives us song

I am the peace that comes with the baby

I am the baby that comes with peace

I am the boy who believes in Christmas

I am the Christmas who believes in the boy

Isn’t that beautiful? We also sang a rousing, but slightly out of tune version of Band Aid’s charity single in aid of the Africa Famine from the 80’s Do they know it’s Christmas? You recall it--with that extremely catchy bit at the end where everyone sings

Feed the world

Let them know

it’s Christmas time
As a teenager in the 1980's I had it on 45 record. I told my class this was the way it was originally produced (not the CD backing track we were using)  and all but one said, “What’s a record, Miss? Is it like a CD?“ which made me feel really old. The only one who knew what a record was said, “My granddad has a turntable and records at his house but he’s ancient.” Then I felt even older. Ha ha

 All in all it was a magical, but exhausting night getting 200+ children to the church on time (literally and metaphorically) but it was worth it.


  1. I do love this so much. Do you guys have a turntable to play that 45 on, or did you just sing it for them? I am curious.

    Beautiful poem.

  2. I remember that song! I love the traditions you have there.