Saturday, 18 January 2014

Penultimate Munchkin

My heart is just broken because the penultimate Munchkin has died. Ruth Duccini who until yesterday was the last surviving female Munchkin, has died at the age of 95. This means that there is only one Munchkin left alive out of the 124 little people who appeared in the film.
in 2007 receiving a star on the Holywood walk of fame

She led a very interesting life post OZ. During World War Two, she worked as a riveter making planes and used her short stature (just under four feet tall) to squeeze into parts of the aircraft that most people could not reach.
She and other living Munchkins often made appearances, but she was one who never wore a replical costume like Margaret Pellegrini, Meinhardt Rabbe or Clarence Swensen. She said, " I know I was a Munchkin. Why do I need to wear a costume to prove that?"

Oz has been part of my life since about the age of six, both the book and the film. I have a collection of memorabilia that contains everything from Oz Barbie dolls (no really) to autographs of many of the cast members. I am lucky enough to have an autographed photo of Ruth Duccini. I will miss her.

Only Jerry Maren aged 93 of the Lollypop Guild remains.

When he goes, will the magic of Oz go as well?

A little spark of it, perhaps.

But we all go “over the rainbow” eventually.

Rest in Peace Ruth.


  1. I read about her passing earlier today and immediately thought of you. Be well!

  2. Your father and I are proud that you know how to properly use the word "penultimate." And I personally am so proud for having started you on your life long love affair with all things OZ. Good times sitting in the big brown recliner reading a chapter (or two) every night.