Saturday, 7 June 2014

A balanced equation

Thursday was a special day for us.

Our anniversary.

We had been married for 22 years.

I was 22 years old the day we were married and now that has magically turned into 22 years.

A balanced equation.
That's what our marriage is.
Whenever I have been ill or hurt (recently with my back or four years ago when I had the horrible hysterectomy) he is there to take up the slack. He does the jobs I cannot do--the lifting, the bending, the shopping and the carrying heavy loads. After my surgery, he lovingly washed my hair as it was too painful to raise my hands above my head.
He cares for me and I care for him.
When I am sad or anxious, he wraps his arms around me and infuses me with warmth and love and strength. When my moods dip, one touch of his hand raises me up and we are balanced again.
He cares for me and I care him.
When I am tempted to be impatient, unkind, thoughtless or rude he looks me in the eye and reminds me to be a better person.
He cares for me and I care for him.
He listens to my dreams and takes me seriously. He believes in me like no one else. He has helped make my fondest wish come true--to have a life full of adventure--to live in the United Kingdom. To live our lives the way we want no matter *what* others think.
He cares for me and I care for him.
His love makes me beautiful.
I hope that I give the same to him. I try to give him the gifts he gives me through the depth of my love.
We are the most fantastic team.
Thank you Spiderman.
You really are amazing.


  1. You are indeed perfect for each other. I think your marriage is truly blessed.

  2. A very happy HAPPY Anniversary! Sorry I am late with the tidings! Love you guys!