Monday, 30 June 2014

If I Ran the Zoo

I mean, who as a child didn’t have dreams of being a zookeeper? Every hand should be up. Even I, with my allergies to every known furry creature dreamed of working with animals. I just pictured myself doing whilst wearing a protective face mask and an allergen proof space suit, that’s all.

For the last four years or so, my beloved Spiderman has been a volunteer zookeeper at the London Zoo. He lived his childhood dream of caring for God’s creatures. For several years he worked all over the zoo, talking to tourists about animals and their behaviours or giving them directions to where they wanted to go, but for the last year or so he has worked with the birds. Not The Birds as in the Alfred Hitchcock film where they attack and try to kill you (although he once received the “red badge of courage” from a feisty, female red and yellow barbet)  

the Colin Baker of the bird world
Sadly, because of our impending move to Wales (not Whales as so many of our American well-wishers have spelled it) his time at the Zoo has ended.

He was able to get some goodbye pictures with some penguins that he was especially close to.

Here he is with Puddle the Penguin who has an affection for all things human as he was hand reared as a chick. He loves to cuddle up and get a scritchy-scratch under the chin.

Warning do not try this at home.

Or at the Zoo. (Unless you are a keeper and a friend.)


Here they are sharing a sweet and tender moment of goodbye together whist being “photo bombed” by the very curious Reggie.


Lastly, here are some fuzzy chicks just about two months old. They still have much of their grey downy feathers and look a bit scruffy, but that’s just like being a teenager and having spots.

It’s all part of growing up.


I am so glad he has had the opportunity to do something he has always dreamed about, especially since my allergies prevent us from having lots of pets. (Spiderman swears after I die he’s getting a dachshund farm) 

There’s always the Red Kite reserve outside Lampeter in Wales.


  1. I love this so much............wonderful, sweet tender moments. I'm so glad that he got to do this and I'm sure another opportunity will arise in Wales.

  2. So cute! Will Thomas be able to hang out with animals in Wales too? xx