Sunday, 1 November 2015

The newest way to kill yourself (and the animals and the planet)

The World Health Association (WHO) announced last week that red meat and processed meat (things like bacon, sausage and hotdogs) are a carcinogen in the same category as alcohol, smoking, asbestos and plutonium. 

A carcinogen. That means causes cancer. That's scary stuff.

Bowel cancer is on the rise and people who eat 50g of meat a day (less than 2 strips of bacon) have an 18% higher risk of developing bowel cancer.

The WHO rank meat in their top category which should say something. But will it? I have heard more and more people say things like, "Well you have to die of something." I seriously don't understand this way of thinking.
Welsh for No Smoking

Smoking in all enclosed public places  has been illegal in the UK since around 2007. This is great for asthmatics like me who don't want to be breathing all your dirty smoke, thank you very much. Another law has been passed recently that it is illegal to smoke in a car if children are present because we know the dangers of second hand smoke. But is it illegal to give your child a bacon sandwich or sausage roll?

Maybe it should be.

Meat just is bad for everyone concerned. it is bad for your health--full of fat, cholesterol and hormones. Don't get me started on people who would rather take a dozen pills for illnesses like high cholesterol rather than change their diet. A diet free from animal products can reverse many major diseases including diabetes. FACT. Why would anyone knowingly put something that causes cancer into their body?

It is the same for dairy. There is a strong link between dairy consumption and breast cancer. Why would any woman continue to consume it, particularly if she has a family history of breast cancer? I will tell you why. We have been brainwashed all of our lives by the Dairy Industry to believe that we *need* dairy to get calcium--when in fact dairy does the opposite if we have a diet high in salt. It actually leaches calcium from your bones.

Sad but true.

And where do we get most of the salt in our diets? From processed meats.

it has been established that meat is bad for your health. It is also colossally bad for the environment. Animal agriculture contributes more to green house gases than the aviation industry or all the cars on the road. So for all those people who religiously plant trees to offset their carbon footprint from travel--you'd be better off giving up meat.

We bring over 2 billion animals into this world EACH YEAR with the sole purpose of taking their lives--often when still a baby. Clearly if the demand for meat went down because people were concerned about their health or the environment then of course the animals would be thankful.
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I am a vegan for these reasons--for the animals, for my planet and for myself. Now with overwelming evidence from the WHO I hope others will make the connection too.

Think of yourself, Think of our mother the Earth. Think of compassion.

Make the connection.

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