Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lucky Duck

I admit it. I am a competition hound. If it is free to enter and has stuff we would use--i am all for it. I know some people enter everything and try to win big screen tellys and all that, but we don't need a big screen telly and it would be a faff to try to sell it on via Ebay or the local newspaper or whatever.

I only deal in stuff we actually could use.

And I am pretty lucky. There is the free magazine that you get at at the health food shops called Your Healthy Living that always has a competition page. Most of it is vegan --but not all. Sometimes you find bee products hiding in stuff  like an eye cream with propolis or something with whey, but mostly it is good.

Sometimes stuff is vegan just not gluten free and I will enter that as well. This month you could enter to win a hamper from Suma where 80% of the stuff was vegan like posh olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, fancy olives etc. I could just give the dry pasta away to a non gluten free friend of mine if I should happen to win it.

I enter every month and this month i won something!

I went downstairs to check the post yesterday and there was this lumpy envelope addressed to me on the door mat. Hmmmm...what could it be?

I was slightly concerned--I racked my brain to recall if I had ordered anything recently. No. Was i expecting something? No.

So I opened it and peeped inside and lo and behold! i was a winner!

Woohoo! I got four (count 'em four!) Wild Thing organic nut and seed bars! These things can cost 1 quid or more each depending on where you shop,  so i was pretty chuffed to get four bars!

They are wholefood bars that are raw, vegan, gluten free, organic and paleo!

My flavours are:
Cacao and almond
Coconut and chia
Nuts and seeds 
Berries and seeds (which contains mulberries and so i am super excited about this one as i haven't had mulberries in a over a year since we moved to Wales)

I am thrilled to have won and hope I will be lucky again soon!

Thanks Wild Thing! You make my heart sing! You make everything groovy (and delicious!)

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