Saturday, 16 April 2011

Our lovely vakshun

When I was a wee girl who liked to write stories and was still in the “inventive spelling stage” (let’s be honest—have I ever grown out of that stage? Thank goodness for spell check) I wrote a story called The True Story of Our Vakshun about the time we were meant to be on a family vacation but we all got a tummy bug and had to stay home. So from that day forwards in my family whenever you go on a holiday you must call it a vakshun.

So, Spiderman and I have just come back from the most awesome geekfest of a vakshun. I wanted to tell you before hand, but then you might have read my words and taken it upon yourself to come rob our house—despite the fact that it is protected by attack tarantulas. So I waited until we returned to tell all, far and wide, about our lovely vakshun.

Sometimes we like to rent a cottage for a week. It is usually between £300-£400 for 7 days which is heaps cheaper that a hotel for 7 days plus you get to cook your own food which saves £££ as well. It also saves your sanity trying to find vegan food in restaurants in areas of the country that tend toward a more meat centered (or in this case fish centered as we were by the sea) diet. I plan to write a series of blog posts about food and how to pack for it when you rent a cottage, but that’s for later. Now for the fun.

This is where we stayed. It was not just a cottage, it was a Dr Who themed cottage. We took day trips by bus to the surrounding towns of Hythe, Dymchurch, New Romney and Rye but in the evenings we managed to watch a staggering 26 episodes of the show from the extensive DVD collection. Basically we watched every episode since 2005 that we don’t currently own. It was glorious.  Click on the pix to make them bigger and if you fancy reading the ones that have daft captions. If you do, then please take the time to notice that we have matched the font to the picture—because we are sad like that.

Here’s me in front of the mysterious blue box a.k.a. the TARDIS for those in the know. I can’t recall what Spiderman said to me just before this shot was taking, but as usual he’s making me laugh.

Here’s Spiderman peeping out of the TARDIS with that look like he’s up to something—a look I know so very well.

Here’s us coming back from a lengthy adventure, travelling the stars and generally saving the planet with our fabulousness.

Here’s me being attacked by a vicious Dalek.

But I managed to win him over with love and now we’re married and are part of a Channel 5 documentary on mixed marriages. Honestly, why do people see us a human and alien? Why can’t they just see as two creatures in love?

Here’s Spiderman cleaning up after K9 because he made a whoopsie on the floor. We can save all those screws and nails for some weekend DIY projects.

Here’s me cuddling K9—the only dog not to make me sneeze.

Lastly, here’s me being assimilated as a Cyberman. The plan was to flood the city with poison gas by force feeding me beans. Although, on this holiday you didn’t need to force feed me. I farted a record 73 times in one day. But I come by it honestly—my dad was a gas factory as well. Thanks Dad!

So there you have it. How I spent my Easter vacation, or should that be vakshun?


  1. I laughed soooo hard! What wonderful pictures, and I am so grateful you didn't blame that genetic abberance on your mum.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Great pics Heather! You guys are awesome. Gas factory....LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!