Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Last year on this date
I decided to journal
In haiku format

Karen from New York
And her daughter Gwendolyn
Each keep a journal

They write in it each night
And share what they have written
Mother/daughter time

I watched them write it
When we saw them in Cardiff
On our holiday

They write a few lines
And each talk about their day
But not in haiku

I chose haiku form
To challenge myself and build

It’s really quite hard
To get the syllables right
And make it all fit

Just write your 3 lines
5-7-5 syllables
And now it’s a poem

Please give it a try
It is highly addictive
And quite hard to stop

I told them at work
They said I should get a life
And everyone laughed

I really don’t mind
Because I know I am weird
And they’re just teasing

Their idea of fun
Is to get completely pissed
And act like a twat

Don’t know about you
But I’d rather write haikus
Ya know what I mean?

1 comment:

  1. xxxxxooooo. that's my chickadee. Didn't Emily Dickenson say "how dreary to be ordinary"????