Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kiss my Grits

One thing that we rediscovered on the Voyage of the Damned back to Louisiana was our love for that old nursery food classic--GRITS. We were looking for things we could eat easily in a hotel room and this hit the spot. We discovered that you could boil water in the complimentary coffee pot (be sure to run a cycle with water to clean it out first otherwise all your food tastes like day old coffee) and then use it heat instant stuff like oatmeal and grits. Mmmmm…grits.

They were so good I could not believe how flavourful they were. They were buttery and savoury with just water (I know--I checked to see if there was any hidden dairy making them all butter and scrummy but there wasn’t! pure vegan corny goodness!) and if you added a sprinkle of nutritional yeast cheesy flakes….wowza! Cheeze Grits. Sadly, grits seem to be a thing of the south and you cannot buy them in the shops here much to my dismay and utter sobbing withdrawal upon our return home. We did discover you could buy them online here from a website aimed at ex-pats but the postage was outrageous. Like £5 postage for a £2 box of grits. So what’s a hungry Spidergrrl to do??? Ask her mummy of course!

My mum came through beautifully by sending us 20 packets of grits through the post as our Christmas gift. I was shocked to see that what had cost her probably £4 to buy had cost her $14 in postage, but I am eternally grateful. That kinda puts my sob story about postage to shame, really.

Therefore as there were only 20 bags (only 20 bags, how will we live???) we are rationing them as a special treat--one packet allowed once a week as a special treat. I normally do mine on a Saturday but last week I had a cold and felt all yuck and needed some warm grit-y goodness to make it all better. 

If you live in the south I urge you to try GRITS again. If you love me and live in the south you might send me a care package with some every now and again. If you don’t live in the south and don’t know what I’m talking about--never mind. But you don’t know what your missing. 

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  1. Glad to be of service.............nothing's too good for my little chickadee!