Sunday, 4 March 2012

Breakfast any time of the day or night

I’ve been having one of those cravings. Not for meat, per say, but for SHONEY’S BREAKFAST BAR. Are there any Shoneys left in the United States these days? I know the one in my hometown is gone. Shoneys was a staple of our college years--they were open late and there was the breakfast bar. It was full of things like fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, tender biscuits that you could drown in savoury milk gravy. Mmmmmmm.

But now-a-days I believe that that eating food that comes from animals is cruel to the animals as well as unhealthy for the body. The idea of eating the muscles and skin of another living creature really makes me feel ill (as well as the thought that the animal most likely lived a horrible life. Even those who live “happy” lives are still murdered in the end.)  Being a vegan I really don’t want to eat dairy or eggs because their industries are full of violence and unspeakable cruelty such as separating babies from their mothers and raising them for veal whilst stealing the milk intended for baby calves for humans. I don’t know about you, but I stopped breastfeeding ages ago. As for the egg industry, chicks are sexed and male chicks are killed--gassed or ground alive or suffocated as they serve no purpose. No one needs a rooster. And don’t get me started on the misleading definition of “free range”--30,000 birds in an airless unlit shed with one tiny door open at the far end open for a few hours a day that they could conceivably get outside through--provided they can make their way past 29,000 other birds all with the same idea. But anyway. (steps off soapbox)

Sometimes you want good, old- fashioned, down- home cookin’, know what I mean? Sometimes you want the full breakfast bar.

A few nights a go I whipped up some gluten free potato scones using cold mashed potato like you would use butter or shortening. They were not too bad, I must say. We had them with the PPK recipe for tempeh sausage and smothered them in savoury, cheesy, cashew gravy found here . Slurp. But picture it over biscuits not with potatoes on the side, yeah?
Tonight with the leftover biscuits I cooked up some Amazing Soy Free Fakin’ Bacon that I previously blogged about here.  It tastes nothing like real bacon, I am the first to admit it. But it adds a savoury, smoky crunchy taste to breakfast-y meals. I also made some tofu scramble using the PPK recipe found here.   I cut the tofu amount suggested in half as that would have meant using a second packet (which I didn’t have) but with the onion, pepper and mushrooms there was plenty to eat. 

Here is the crumbled tofu before it has been cooked.

Here is a picture of the onion and mushrooms cooking.

Now here’s a bit of the onion mushroom pan but with the bacon cooking in the back.

Here’s the final product--the tofu scramble. Doesn’t that look yumilicious?

I had never made tofu scramble but it was very good. Not like what I remember scrambled eggs tasting like all those years ago, but completely delicious in its own right.

If you care about the environment, the welfare of animals and your health then vegan is the way to go. Any food you really like as an omnivore can be made in a cruelty free way.

Compassion tastes delicious.

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