Friday, 23 March 2012

Somewhere that's green

Cue music:
A matchbox of our own
A fence of real chain link,
A grill out on the patio
Disposal in the sink
A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine
In a tract house that we share
Somewhere that's green.

That’s from the musical Little Shop of Horrors where Audrey dreams of her ideal suburban life. But that’s me as well as I long for a little place of our own and some pretty gardens. The problem is I can’t grow anything.  In the US they say successful gardeners have a green thumb and in the UK we say you have green fingers. Whatever you call them--I don’t have them. I can whither a plant stone dead from 50 paces just by thinking about it. But I long to be a green gardening gal like my dear old mum who has the complete opposite effect on plants. When one knows she’s in the vicinity it perks up and does a little dance. Seriously.  

 My friend Lena recently gave me the most adorable gift I have ever seen. It was a little matchbox shaped like a house. It’s tiny! You opened it up and inside were little bits you could cut out to accessorise your house.  It’s crafty!  It also had a packet of cress seeds that you could grow to give your little house a garden. It’s green!
click on this so you can see it bigger and really appreciate the lovely details of the house and garden
Look how adorable that is! I added a bicycle and a steeple to my house to personalize it. After all we do live at Church House so it needed a steeple! And look at my cress! It’s growing like mad. I was really scared it would fail to grow. Only I could fail to grow cress. Pre-schoolers everywhere grow cress because it grows so darned easy. But Pre-schoolers have better gardening skills than I have so there was a chance this might end in disaster. Thankfully, it did not.

 I spent the first several days like Toad in Arnold Lobel’s children’s classic Frog and Toad Together shouting, “Now seeds, start growing!” and pacing up and down. Then suddenly one night I noticed a few seeds had a teeny green shoot coming out and the next day over half did. Cress grows really quickly and my garden is a couple of millimetre taller every day.  This may be the first successful thing I managed to grow in my life.

Thank you Lena for the adorable house and wee garden. Growing a bit of green has made me very happy indeed.


  1. Congratulations on your new found Green Fingers!

  2. you have greener fingers than you give yourself credit for. After all, one time you helped a friend figure out what she was doing wrong in planting small flowers! And had you stayed at that too-far-away-from-everything house that had the garden, I think you would have been able to get a few stuffs growing. xxxxoooo

    p.s. thanks for the compliment