Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This time last year...

...Spiderman and I became British citizens. It was a long and expensive process that included a difficult written exam which we had to swot up for ages in order to pass. But we did it. And on this day last year we were sworn in and promised to be loyal and true to Queen and country.

This is an emotional time for me, the anniversary of my father's death looms ever closer which always makes me feel sad and empty, but remembering this day and the joy it brought lifts me up.

Today Spiderman surprised me with 2 pieces original art by Skottie Young who illustrates all the Oz books for Marvel comics! What a surprise--and it genuinely was a surprise--that brought tears to my eyes.

He bought me a page from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz with the whole gang on the yellow brick road, but a close up of the Tin Man accidently stepping on a ladybird, which makes him cry and rusts his jaw because he was a vegan and Quaker (ok, that bit is subtext, but he was kind to all living creatures. Remember  how he wouldn't let Ojo have the left wing of a yellow butterfly, not even to save Ojo's Unk Nunkie from being a statue? Of course you don't. but I do.)

He also bought me a humourous drawing of Eureka the pink kitten sitting on the head of Jim the cab horse from Dorothy and the Wizard. We have often joked that this is who we are--me the sassy mouthed cat and Spiderman the grumpy one who carries the heavy stuff. So this is perfect for us.

I am overwhelmed with joy and warmth. We love art. We love supporting artists. We love Oz. Yes, Spiderman is really enjoying the Marvel comic versions of all my favourite books so he is now a confirmed Oz-ite.

Thank you my love. Thank you for everything.


  1. Happy anniversary my favorite Brits!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary from me too. And I remember all the Oz bits you mentioned. Yes, I think that the Tin Man probably was a vegan and a Quaker. At least he would have been if he'd known there were such things as vegans and Quakers.

    I love you with all my heart. Loved GLT and our triangle family too.