Thursday, 9 August 2012

Scooby Snax

This is my favourite easy-to-mix, go to treat when I want something that is the perfect combination of sweet/ salty/ hard/ chewy/ spicy/ mild. It is high in protein so a little fills you up and keeps you full, it has a bit of sugar for energy and it tastes great.

 I named it after the special treat that Scooby Doo (and weirdly Shaggy) will eat when they are asked to do something brave but they would rather just be cowards and eat big sandwiches.

Spiderman doesn’t really eat it—I don’t know if it is too crunchy for him or if he is just not as obsessed with wasabi as I am—but hey, more for me. All for me, actually.
click to enlarge if you need to read labels

Scooby Snax


Wasabi peas

Roasted, salted edamame


Dark chocolate chips

That’s it. Just mix those together and you have it. For me it makes about 7 cups worth of snax.  Not rocket science, just yum in your tum. Now go and make some.


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  1. Hi, It's Krys from Veggie Views, the one who does hand embroidery. I love your page. And you have taratulas? Even more awesome.

    Hope you have a lovely day.