Sunday, 3 March 2013

Zombie Prom

I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. I do tonnes of sewing and I have never had a proper pin cushion. Well, I did have one when we lived in the US but it was in the one box that got lost when it was shipped to us. All my sewing and craft stuff was in the box which breaks my hearts, but after all these years I can hardly recall what was in the box. Occasionally, I will wistfully remark, “Remember those tiny cookie cutters shaped like leaves that I used to use with clay? I miss those.” But other than that…not too much.

But I have never gotten around to making a new pin cushion. I’ve always used a sparkly red star shaped box  that was meant to hold a tea light candle. A girl named Amy bought it for me years ago as a gift for being her class Teaching Assistant. But there were problems with it. If you knocked it over (which I did all the time) then pins went EVERYWHERE which made me swear like a bloody sailor as I picked them up. Then a few hours later when Spiderman found the one pin I had missed which was still carelessly lying on the floor waiting to plunge it self dagger-like into your foot he would swear like a bloody sailor.

But no more. I had a dream about making one that strapped onto the wrist. Like a corsage a boy would give you if you were going to prom, but with pins in it. Like a Voodoo Corsage for a Zombie Prom. The only thing was it had to be made out of materials I already had. It had to be FREE.

So I mooched around my scrap boxes. I found some lovely leafy blue and green fabric (left over from making an apron) for the wristband. I found some green, royal blue and turquoise felt that kinda matched the fabric. I have loads of elastic scraps. I knew I could do it.

I did a quick shifty round the old internet just to get a few ideas. I could see what I wanted it to look like, but needed to know a bit of technique to make it. Here is the end result:
view from the top

view from the bottom, plus a tattoo

the whole shebang

I love it. It is really comfortable because I used wide elastic. Some websites I visited called for using a hair band but I think that would have been thin and uncomfortable. Besides, I didn’t have a hair band so that would break the rule of making it for free.

So no more pins on the floor which makes everyone happy. Plus I feel all special like I’m going to Prom (even if  my religious fanatic of a mother told me the dress showed my “dirty pillows”) and then when I got there I was elected Prom Queen and it was happiest moment of my life until some bullies dropped a bucket of pig blood on my head and then I killed everyone with my telekinetic powers.

Sorry…got a bit carried away there….that was something else entirely….


  1. Love it!!! Oh and I was at that prom...I don't remember any pigs blood.

  2. interesting......I actually used to use a pincushion like that (though it was commercially made)back when I used to sew. I swore by it, and nothing else has ever been as good and useful ever since.

  3. You are such a crafty-catty! I wouldn't know what to do with a pin cushion if I had one. :)