Monday, 5 August 2013

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes there is! The new Doctor has been announced and so our new wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey friend is going to be….(drumroll please)…….Peter Capaldi!

We are *thrilled* with this choice. It is an interesting one as at age 55 Capaldi is as old as Doctor number one William Hartnell who was old and white headed and grumpy. 55 is much younger these days!


We have long been fans of Capaldi through his performances in:

Lair of the White Worm—our favourite camp horror film. It is based (loosely) on a  weird and wonderful story written by Bram Stoker as he was going made from Bright’s Disease. It is about a young archaeologist named Angus Flint and his battle with a modern day Lamia who has been around for centuries after he digs up a large skull of a serpent and features scenes like this:
Look out Angus!


We also have loved him as poor, frightened drag queen Vera Reynolds in the Helen Mirren crime drama Prime Suspect 3. The story is about the murder of some rent boys (young male prostitutes) and is Vera involved or in danger? Watch it and find out.
Vera doing her Marilyn Monroe routine

We also adore him in his silky/sinister portrayal of the Angel Islington in Neil Gaimen’s Neverwhere all about a life in “London below.” Another must see if you have not.  
Creepy Angel!

He is also in the most terrible position in Torchwood: Children of Earth where as a worker for the government he is told he will sacrifice his children to the aliens as an example to make others follow suit.
I'm afraid it's bad news

He’s already been a Doctor Who episode playing someone who was at Pompeii in one of Donna Noble’s best episodes. Check out the Fires of Pompeii if you don’t believe me.
Volcano day

How could we forget him as Tristan Campbell whom the Vicar of Dibley adores in the episode where they are on Songs of Praise? As she says, “We’re perfect for each other. He’s a religious broadcaster and I’m a vicar. He’s Scottish and I love McVitties biscuits!”
I'm so dishy

He is mostly known over here as sweary spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It.
Shut the f up you miserable c

So you see? He can do serious, comedy, sinister, conflicted, innocent, guilty, handsome and ugly. He’ll be perfect!

 I am really looking forward to seeing him in action. Plus, we’ve already got his autograph.

Welcome to the show Doctor number 12! Now we can complete our clock! Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? I smell a project on its way.

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  1. I can just see that project too! Thanks for the education on an apparently wonderful actor. I shall look forward to trying the Dr Who series again.