Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mere Mortals vs. the Musical Gods

Last night Spiderman and I went to the Distraction Club in London for an evening of comedy music/musical comedy, whichever you prefer. It is always an amazing night out with lots of laughs and singing along and good food (they make this delicious sweet potato hummus).


We were super excited because our favourite band Jonny and the Baptists was going to be there. Those who read my blog know how much I love this band. They are the funniest thing since Toad and his Motor Car (poop! poop!) and I when I am playing their CDs and dancing around the kitchen or listening to my i-Pod trying not to dance in public I like to pretend that I am a singer with the band. I haven’t pretended to actually *be* the singer like that since I was a child and used to sit in front of the mirror lip synching to Dusty Springfield. Seriously.

They even get Spiderman singing, which is pretty amazing. On the train from Hertfordshire to London we were making up new lyrics to That’s Dangerous and cracking ourselves up.

The night was made even better by the fact that Jonny and the Baptists were the guest hosts for Distraction Club as Mitch Benn was away performing in the Vagina Monologues at a Butlins in Scunthorpe. OK, not really. The jammy bastard is actually touring with the cast of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy as Zaphod Beeblebrox.

It was a fantastic night with lots of comedy, some great music --including some ukulele playing! I had to come home and tell Tallulah the Uke all about it. She was sorry to have missed it.

But the best bit was afterwards. I almost bottled out. These guys are huge to me--they are comedy geniuses and Paddy is a fantastic guitarist. I am but a mere mortal who plays the ukulele slightly well. On the way out Spiderman pushed me forward like a reluctant child who has to say thank you to a scary Auntie with a moustache who pinches your cheeks and tells you how much you’ve grown since she last saw you. I gabbled something to Jonny about being a fan and having bought the two CDs and he was so warm and genuinely pleased to know we liked the music that I melted then and there. Paddy was surrounded by girly fans and I thought I cannot compete with gorgeous girly fans and so thought my evening was going to end on the good note of having spoken with Jonny, but not Paddy but Spiderman worked an opening once again by casually saying to Paddy something about hats as we were walking out which prompted me to remember something. Paddy promised me a hat in an email. When he sent our CD of Better Than Judas he didn’t put enough postage and it came 19p postage due. He promised me a hat (if they ever make hats, Jonny is against it but Paddy is for it. The battle continues) and so when I said “Hey! You owe me a hat!” He knew who I was! He said, “It’s 19p postage girl!” and then explained to the gorgeous girly groupie fans who I was. Then Jonny realised who I was I got hugged by them both. We had a nice conversation where I referenced Paddy’s podcast the Podshambles and we had a laugh. I saw Spiderman recede into the darkness so I could have a really happy moment with my favourite Comedy Blues Gods and then we took the train back to Hitchin.

 It was amazing. They were lovely, genuinely lovely people. I am even prouder to support them now. I was so afraid it would be like when I met my favourite playwright Edward Albee at Theatrefest and he was a *complete and utter dick.*

 But it wasn’t.  It ended on a better than good note. A great note.

 So I say again--support this band! They are clever and witty and funny and talented and (now I know)  kind.

Go to  and watch their videos, buy their CDs, see them live, listen to Radio 4‘s The Now Show on BBC i-player catch up (or whatever it is called) as they were on last Friday. Also if you do podcasts, be sure to check out Paddy and his friend Laurie on the Podshambles which as the name suggests is completely shambolic but loads of fun. Check them out here:  


Thanks Spiderman for pushing me when I need to be pushed. Thanks Jonny and Paddy for a great night! See you soon!





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  1. Dat Spiderman knows you well. This sounds so perfect for both of you. Reminds me of when your father and I used to go to The Red Horse Inn all the time to see The Baker Street Irregulars play folk songs. After a while they got to know us, and would come sit at our table at the break and chat. It was glorious.