Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Thai pizza

Ever since we discovered the quick and ridiculously easy vegan and gluten free pizza crust recipe from Including Cake’s blog we’ve been trying to have more pizza.  We were remembering one we used to like to eat at Schlotsky's Deli all those years ago. It was a pizza made with slices of chickens, but the idea came to adapt it because it was the sauce and the crispy veg we liked the best. .

Instead of  using meat (which obviously we would not do) or using fried tofu (which we use in a stir fry and has a lovely crispy coating) I decided to go all vegetables. In hindsight, I could have even put on more vegetables, but I didn’t want to risk making it soggy.

This pizza came together in a snap. We use this recipe for our crust
  but use whatever your favourite one is or go for a pre-made crust to save even more time.

Thai Pizza

One crust, precooked according to directions. Ours has to cook a few minutes before you add the sauce and toppings.


For sauce use your favourite peanut sauce. I make my own using a recipe from one of our favourite cookbooks Vegan on the Cheap (or Cheap-ass Vegan as Spiderman calls it) but you could totally use premade sauce to make it go even faster.



For toppings I used:

Sugar snap peas, cut into thirds

Red pepper rings

3 thinly sliced button mushrooms

Matchstick cut carrot

A few spring onions (plus their green tops)


That’s it! Continue cooking the crust according to the directions.

I had planned to use snow peas which are flat instead of sugar snaps which are 3D, but you know what? Sugar snaps were on sale for £1 a bag  whereas snow peas were £1.70. Plus there were enough sugar snaps (as the pizza didn’t use that many) to be veg on the side for another meal later in the week. Bonus. 

 Try this one today.

Unless of course you have a peanut allergy, then don’t.


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