Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Peachy Tea, tee hee

Holy Moly I have discovered Raspberry Peach Tea.




 For years I was a tea deny-er. I pretended like tea drinking didn’t exist. To me, it tasted of grass--you might as well pull some grass and mud from your back garden and add some water from the hose and drink it.

It might make it taste better.

I grew up in the Land of Ice Tea and then moved to the Land of Hot Tea.

I still never understood the appeal.

Until I discovered fruit tea.

Oh fruit tea, you are a joy to me. Tee hee, tee hee.

My poetry may be cringe-worthy but my point it, fruit tea rocks. I am normally a red fruit tea drinker (some combination of raspberry, strawberry some other kind of berry) because it tastes good hot or cold. Especially with a squeeze of lemon.

 However, my favourite discount supermarket Lidl had some Raspberry Peach Tea on offer on the weekend. Normally you get a box of 40 teabags for 88p but they were on sale for half price --40 teabags for 44p!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s practically 1p a teabag.

So I made a pot of tea and fell in *love*

Oh this tea is amazing--it tastes naturally sweet and is so fragrant it is like the nectar of the Gods. It contains “peach juice granules” which give it a thick, syrupy peach flavor.

Reader, I went back the next day and bought a second box before the sale ended.

I really like Lidl, their prices are low but their quality is high. You often get more but pay less. Tesco sells fruit tea bags as well for about the same price--less than £1 but you only get 20 teabags. Lidl’s produce is fresh and delicious and inexpensive and they never air freight. Sure they may have less on offer because they are not bringing in mange tout from Africa or whatever, but the stuff they do have in stock tends to be more seasonal.

So if you have a Lidl near you go and buy the Raspberry Peach tea and drink it and sigh with pleasure.


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  1. Will look and see if I can find a similar tea here. Rhoda is a big tea fanatic, so perhaps she has seen some. Sounds delicious.