Friday, 2 October 2015

Last of the Summer Wine

We had our annual Llansteffan Castle picnic a week or so ago. It’s called Last of the Summer Wine just because it is the last bit of warm summer before the cold and rains of autumn rear their heads. This picnic was one of the first outings we did with Carmarthen vegans last year and it was extra thrilling to be doing it again. We got to be firm members of the group, welcoming new people unlike last year when we were the newbies.

Also, after the hike in the Brecon Beacons where is was clear I needed more sturdy shoes a blessing occurred. I was all set to cough up the £45 I needed to buy a pair of waterproof hiking boots from Charlie’s when lo and behold my beloved discount German grocer Lidl had pairs on sale for £15. That’s right. I bought one, Spiderman bought one, I went and back and bought another pair for when the first ones wear out because I hate shoe shopping. I told all my vegan peeps and Kathryn, Peter and Susie bought some. So now we’re all twinkies (twins!)

Anyway, I had mine on for this walk and you might can catch a glimpse of them.

 It starts down below by the River Tywi estuary. This is the view from the car park where we wait for everyone to arrive.


There were many little friends out and about.

can you see his little eyestalks?

lots of little friends

 Then we all walked together up the steep road.

heigh ho, heigh ho! It's up the hill we go!

We saw at least one little eight legged friend on the way up.

can you see her hiding in her web?

An artistic view of the castle we were headed up to complete with spooky old gnarled tree.

Then we arrived at the top of the ruined castle. This is the view looking outward.

Then we all sat down in a circle and ate ourselves silly with delicious vegan food.

This is what the ruined castle looks like.

This is the view out to sea.

This is the view if you climb to the top of the ruined castle.

Or if you look through an arch.

Here is me by the old well holding the well key pretending to be the evil Dodge in the form of the dark lady from our favourite graphic novel Locke and Key by Joe Hill, illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. I am putting on my evil face which Spiderman says is less effective due to the wee flower in my hair. Go figure.

scarier than me

 Here’s another little fuzzy friend found on the castle walls.

Not sure what was happening here. I was standing up to avoid sitting on the rocky wall but it somehow looks like I am the teacher and they are my pupils. However you do get a great view of my new teal and black hiking boots.

click to enlarge and admire my new boots

 Yes I go hiking in a dress. No I don't care if it looks dumb with hiking boots. Any other questions?

It was a little chilly, but we still had a blast. A new young lady called Rosie brought some watercolour pencils and some bristol board and we happily sketched the view together and chatted.

A big thanks to the Amazing Spiderman for all the lovely photography. Didn't he do a great job?
It was a lovely day and just goes to show you can make your own fun.

Good food, good friends, fresh air and exercise. What more do you really need?

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  1. I love these photo blogs, because it makes me feel like I took the trip with you. I love having these visual glimpses of your life.