Friday, 27 May 2016

Mr Sun, Please Shine Down On Me

Goodness gracious! We had an amazing warm weather day last Sunday when the Carmarthen Vegans went for our first hike and picnic of the year. It had been warm weather and then we had had a cold, rainy snap again. We were concerned for the weather Sunday, but we needn't have worried. It was GLORIOUS. I dressed in black to keep heat in as I thought I would be cold, but I ended up shedding layers as the day progressed.

We went to Carew Castle which is about 40 minutes from here by car. Isn't it gorgeous? We ended up with 22 people and 6 dogs. Luckily, my allergies are better these days. I seem to be fine with dogs in the open air as long as we don't touch. I also don't hug people at the end of the day in case of doggie contamination. It has only happened once, but I would not like a repeat. Here is our favourite dog named Ruby. She comes on all the hikes. She is quite old and so has a travel bag for when she gets tired. I would like a travel bag like Ruby, but Spiderman says he is NOT carrying me around.

Ruby dog!

Here we are in the car park gearing up for the hike. You can see the back of at least one rescued greyhound. We had people of all ages and all ability levels on this walk.

I am in the middle with my black dress and green leafy apron

Here is the view of the millpond. Isn't it tranquil? We walked all the way around the millpond at a leisurely pace to accommodate everyone. 

There were many little friends about. A magpie, a spider and a snail (to name but a few)

the thieving magpie


it's a boy (clearly)

Slippery snail

While we were having our picnic one of the greyhounds thought it was a tiny lapdog and decided to sit on Liz's lap. Glad it wasn't me!

I think I will just sit right down on this comfortable lap

After lunch, those who wanted to, had a more brisk walk around the millpond. Then we went back to the picnic area, nibbled a few more snacks and took one last look at the ruined castle.

We left around 4pm and were all tired and hot. Despite wearing sun cream my nose was a wee bit pink the next day.

 It was a grand day out and a perfect start to the season of outings with the Carmarthen Vegans.


  1. I love love Miz Ruby. I hope I get to meet her. Beautiful scenery, beautiful day and looks like wonderful company.

  2. What a lovely day out - agree Ruby looks gorgeous, the knee sitting one lovely too.