Friday, 14 January 2011


I was treated to a song about Boudicca (complete with hand motions!) by one of the classes that I performed for yesterday. It was wonderful—they truly put in a huge amount of effort. Their enthusiasm reminds me why I love to work with children.

After the show yesterday I had my photo made with both classes. All those eager faces with me in the middle as a tall and fierce warrior queen! But Spiderman so kindly pointed out that I was only head taller (if that) than the group of children. These are year 4 (US 3rd graders)!! Sigh… so much for tall and fierce.

The other class made me cards—all beautifully decorated. The girls mostly drawing me as very glamorous with my long hair and costume and the boys mostly drawing the weapons (I have provided translations for those who cannot read invented spelling)
 Some of favourite cards were:

My favrit part was evrythink. You looked very pritty on stag.
(My favourite part was everything. You looked pretty on stage.)

Another vote for my good looks:
You looke verey pritte and I love your coychum.
(You look very pretty and I love your costume.)

I started the play with my back to the audience. Here is my favourite confessional:
Then you terned around and if you herd a voice that was me. So sorry for that.

The time management award goes to:
Thank you for wasting your time for us you were the best prfomer (performer)

The I should be on telly comment:
You cold have won Britan got talent whit that prfomance.
(You could have won Britain’s Got Talent with that performance.)

The cheeky bugger award:
Kill the romans! Can I have your spear?

But my favourite (and not just because it is articulate run on) has to be this one:
I learned so much from the show it looked like you had practised that one million times a day you answered so many of the questions that were in my head about boudicca and some things I didn’t no like eating the leaf of a eue tree (Yew tree)

At the end someone asked about my dagger I showed them it was plastic and then stabbed myself with it—everyone GASPED!!!!! Because it is a trick dagger with a retractable blade. I had many comments like this:

When you pretendid to stap youself i thout you had achelly did it.
(When you pretended to stab yourself I thought you actually did it.)

Even today many children stopped me and asked a question about Boudicca or the Romans. To get children interested in history makes it worth it indeed.

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