Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees

It happened. It finally happened. They pollarded our trees. We knew the day would come, but it was a shock nonetheless. We live opposite a Medieval church and our front window looks onto the Cloisters--a green sanctuary of trees and a few graves. We have named all the trees after people from the Bible--it seemed fitting somehow being opposite the church. But now Jesus, Mary and Joseph have been pruned back. When you pollard a tree you leave the trunk but cut all the branches. It leaves a very awkward looking tree for a time until it grows back.

I am sad that these beautiful, majestic trees have had to be cut back so severely--and quite so ugly. But it needed to be done. They were smack up against the flat and were causing all sorts of trouble such as clogged gutters which caused a leaky roof and  mildew on our ceilings. We also had no light coming through the bedroom window making early mornings a bit of bother.

But now, they are gone. Well not gone, but  unrecognizable as trees. It is no wonder that the character from Little Britain is named Vicki Pollard--it is an ugly sight. But all is not lost. Cutting back will make them grow back thicker and more beautiful. It may take time, but they will be trees once more. And at least we still have the Disciples to look at.

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  1. oh my baby..............such mixed feelings to prune trees. I am getting ready to do some for the crepe myrtles, and I always have that same eerie, between-worlds feeling.