Sunday, 30 January 2011

T’is a Gift to be Simple

The Quaker Testimony of Simplicity is the one I strive towards the most. When we lived in Louisiana we were wasteful, living a huge house (Oh, it was a lovely house!) with lots of things (ah, they were lovely things!) and lots of stuff that just was there taking up space because we had the space to keep it. And there was stuff that had no space and was stacked on the floor. Stuff. We never seemed to throw any thing away. We used to save back the jam jars to use as drinking glasses. I think we got up to 27 glasses for 2 people! And we always let all 27 get dirty before we washed. Why? Like Mt Everest--because they were there.  We also used to buy any old thing that took our fancy. And then brought it home where it sat collecting dust. Nowadays, we just show it to the other person in the shop, say Awwww and walk away.

Advices and Queries 41 says:
Try to live simply. A simple lifestyle freely chosen is a source of strength. Do not be persuaded into buying what you do not need or cannot afford. Do you keep yourself informed about the effects your style of living is having on the global economy and environment?
Quakers are concerned about the excesses and unfairness of our consumer society, and the unsustainable use of natural resources. We try to live simply and to give space for the things that really matter: the people around us, the natural world, our experience of God. (from the leaflet: Living What We Believe- Quaker testimonies: a way of living faithfully)

This is one of the main reasons that plain clothes work for me--not being fussed about what I wear as it is the same every day--dress, apron, shawl, mob cap--leaves me infinite room to serve my fellow travellers who tread upon this earth with me, drink in the glory of the natural world and spend time in the warm Light that is Gods love.


  1. I love that last sentence soooo much. My morning meditation.

    Here's a quote from Richard Rohr's daily meditation that I read just a few minutes ago: "It becomes so clear to me as I grow older that people who change, and keep changing, are the only people who grow up."

  2. Love the way you live. I don't know that I could do it, but I love the fact that you can. You are truly one of the great inspirations in my life!