Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

I am thoroughly looking forward to this programme this Christmas for several reasons:

1. We loved it when it was a radio series called Bleak Expectations.  

2. The young girl playing Victoria (in the above photo) is one of my drama  students Ambra Lily Keegan!!!!! We are so proud of Ambra getting a part in this show as it stars probably EVERY favourite funny actor in England that we adore. Seriously, the cast is huge. I know it will be a riot when it shows over Christmas and luckily Ambra tells me more episodes have been commissioned so something to look forward to in the new year!!!  

But what is it you ask? Well a very funny, very loving homage to all things Dickens as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the great man’s birth.

The BBC says:
The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff is a new four-part comedy adventure set in the Dickensian world of Jedrington Secret-Past, the up-standing family man and owner of The Old Shop of Stuff, Victorian London's most successful purveyor of miscellaneous odd things.

There are characters such as the evil lawyer Malifax Skulkingworm, Judge Harshmore Grimstone, the Aunts Chastity, Sobriety and Goodspelling, the Artful Codger, Mrs Christmasham, Fearshiver, Servegood and Miss Tightclench just to name a few.

If you live in the UK please watch this as you will not regret it. If you live in the US, sorry mates! It might come to BBC America if you’re lucky.
Happy Christmas!


  1. I am totally jellybeans!!! Love the names!

  2. Good news: three more episodes have already been filmed and will show end of January/beginning of February.
    Then you'll have to spare us Ambra Lily again, as three more will be filmed sometime in march.
    Tell you what, though: the director, the editors and the special effects elves deserve a special mention: they have been captive in TV Centre for weeks (and latterly for 50 hours running) in order to get it polished for Monday!
    Have a lovely Christmas break. xx