Thursday, 1 December 2011


I puffy heart the countdown to Chrimbo. I love ticking off the days until my birthday and then Christmas with an advent calendar of some sort, an advent candle that you burn a wee bit off every day and a Christmas reading of a seasonal poem. I adore watching our vast collection of Christmas DVDs--like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Snowman, Robbie the Reindeer and my favourite The Muppet's Christmas Carol which we watch every year on my birthday after we decorate the tree.

Last year I made an advent tree out of paper chains that I cut off each day. It was fun, but after a few snips it looked less like a Christmas tree and more like a blob. This year I was trying to think of something different but that would count down till the big day and I found this today at Poundland for £1.
Isn't it adorable? It actually is a wooden chalkboard that you write the day on and then rub it out, but as chalk is practically an endangered species (I mean...where do you find chalk these days in a world of dry erase pens?) and chalk makes me wheeze I decided to do something different.Besides,  I can't afford to get more chesty as I still am fighting the bronchial issues from my cold last week. I keep coughing away like a consumptive match girl and Spiderman has taken to calling me "Plague Girl." Thanks, honey.

But I also saw these cutie-pataootie Santa playing cards for £1 and so I bought a pack and because they were cheap cards they were more cardboard paper than laminated slicky paper I was able to write numbers on them with my trusty sharpie marker. Then I stuck them on with a blob of blue-tack and the countdown can commence. I liked this because despite being from Poundland it is relatively well made and will last for years to come!

How do you count down to Christmas?

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