Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The tale of the curious kitten and the ginormous box

Once upon a time there was a little kitten who was very curious. She loved to get her little kitty claws into anything and Rawr Rawr Rawr take the wrapping paper off. Opening parcels, unwrapping presents and peeling labels were just some of her favourite things.

She lived in the magical upside down house in the far away kingdom of Wales and one day she was sitting in her crooked front room playing with a ball of string when she heard the doorbell. BING BONG! Oh how she leapt up and rushed to the door to open it, but unfortunately she had been a rather silly kitty and not hung her handbag with the keys inside by the front door like she was supposed to! Quickly she raced up the stairs and darted into each of the rooms swearing Rawr! Rawr! Rawr! as she searched for her handbag.

Luckily, her downstairs neighbour was home and he opened the door and spoke to the friendly postman and signed for the parcel so when the embarrassed little kitty finally managed to get her front door open (being thankful it was only the postman and not a house fire and vowing to always leave the key by the door) she was stunned to see a ginormous parcel waiting for her.

 Rawr Rawr Rawr! she cried in delight and carefully carried the ginormous box up the crooked stairs. She set the box on the table and looked curiously to see who had sent such a big, lovely box.

It was from Friends. Most people only have friends with a lower case f but the little kitten was blessed with Friends with a capital F who were also friends with a lower case f.  These were Friends from another kingdom far, far away whom she missed greatly since moving to the upside down house in the kingdom of Wales.

Doing what kittens like to do best she tried to rip open the exceedingly well taped parcel with her claws and when that didn’t work she resorted to a pair of scissors. Rawr Rawr Rawr!  She tore into the box. Inside were mountains of beautiful lavender tissue paper--just the colour of Hitchin lavender from that far away kingdom that she missed. She carefully folded all the lavender tissue paper to use again (she may have liked to tear things up, but her Mama didn’t raise no fool) and peered inside the ginormous box.

Oh what she beheld there! Cards and individually wrapped pressies all in beautiful paper. Here is where she was struck with a dilemma, oh best beloved. (a dilemma is not a type of anvil so do not fear for the little kitten’s safety here!).  She knew the box was actually addressed to the little kitten AND the big tomcat that she was married to. But the tomcat was away in Lampeter doing whatever big cats do all day at work. He wouldn’t be home for aaaages  and the little kitten wasn’t sure she could hold out with all those lovely pressies with wrapping paper just *waiting* to be torn off. She paced the floor, she fixed a pot of tea and tried to wait. But as the kettle was boiling she saw the kindly face of the big tomcat who smiled at her and said, “of course you should open it--kitties do such things.”  and she knew it would be alright because the big tomcat did not derive pleasure from opening gifts, but got his pleasure from seeing the little kitten happy.

So she was off like a shot! Rawr Rawr Rawr! Wrapping paper was flying and the little kitten was squealing  and much excitement ensued. There was a small moment when she sneezed a dainty kitten sneeze a few times because another curious cat named Bella had been fond of the box as well (who could blame her? It is in a kitten’s nature to be curious about everything, but most especially boxes).

In the end she felt overwhelmed with joy and did a little flappy dance as if she were a bird for inside the ginormous parcel was all sorts of the kittens favourite things. Not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens (although she was rather fond of the whiskers on her tomcat) but

Books to read

Beautiful ornaments and decorations for Christmas, perfect for the little tree

Interesting old badges such as the one from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977

 A tiny silver ring box so small the fairies must have made it

CDs of favourite children’s stories to listen to

Delicious delicacies such as pine nuts, Nak’d bars and dairy free chocolate covered raisins

Little cases to bake fairy cakes in

A packet of wonderfully terrible/terribly wonderful Christmas cracker jokes because the little kitten loved to laugh

A box of chocolate mint tea! Who even knew that even existed?

A game of Nun Bowling!

The little kitten was overwhelmed, excited, thrilled and suddenly very hungry so she nibbled a few of the treats from a heart shaped tin and then emailed the tomcat with all the news (not as easy as you think typing with paws on a tablet) and then she sat down to give thanks for love and Friendship (and friendship!)

Thank you dear Friends for making our Christmas so beautiful and special. We miss you all, but we are happy here in the far away kingdom of Wales. Our lives were very good when we lived by you, but they are also very good living far away.

Happy endings all around. Rawr Rawr Rawr.


  1. I remember thinking you left Hitchin that it would be the FRIENDS you missed most. What a wonderfully thoughtful, creative way of showing that these Friends were indeed true friends. How special this gift is! Silly kitten!!