Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Postal dragons

Did you know that Royal Mail employs dragons? At least in Wales they do. Dragons are everywhere here in Cymru. We are a nation of dragons. FACT. There is even one that lives on a roundabout in town.

But how do I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Royal Mail employs dragons? Because they keep eating my bloody letters, that’s how.

Twice since we moved we have a letter delivered in a plastic bag with the message:


Our Sincere Apologies

We are very sorry that this item has reached you in this condition. 

Exhibit A:


This is a letter from my young pen pal Lois that arrived partially eaten. Luckily, I could still read her message.

The next one was not so lucky.

Exhibit B:

 This was actually a thank you card that I sent to a friend in England that arrived back to me mangled, scrunched with a huge chunk bitten off. It came back to me via the return address because the address it was meant to be delivered to was devoured and could not be read.

What other explanation could there be but dragons?

So Royal Mail, if you are reading this--get your bloody dragons under control please!!!!!


  1. Well said, my dear! But beware of dragons eating you, "for ye are crunchy and good with crackers."

  2. Hehe! You are good with crackers...Which means you are not a wizard, because Dragons prefer their Wizards with ketchup!

  3. You caught me, Danny. I couldn't remember the end word on that old quote, so I just said crackers instead of ketchup. Still, I think Miz H is more the kind to be eaten with crackers..........she is indeed extra crunchy.