Thursday, 16 April 2015

A rubbish sort of Scooby Doo ghost

This is so embarrassing.

I scared myself the other night.

In my defence, it was late. Way past my bedtime. I was bleary-eyed with fatigue. I made my way to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth whilst Spiderman got into bed. I took off my glasses which rendered me virtually blind (I am 20/200 in one eye) and I started to massage olive oil onto my face and around my eyes to remove my makeup. This rendered me temporarily blurry. 

Then it happened.

I was bleary and blind and blurry when I turned on the hot tap. Then  I heard a noise.

It was like a rubbish ghost on Scooby Doo and it sounded like, “WhhhhoooOOOOOooo”

I thought it was Spiderman who had snuck in behind me and was trying to wind me up. So I whipped around to tell him to “Sod off” and even in my bleary/blind/blurry state I could see there was no one behind me.

It happened again. “WhhhhooooOOOOOOooooo.” This time louder and more convincing. Not Scooby Doo fake at all, but bone chillingly real. I whipped back around and caught sight of a person standing right behind me.

So I did what any normal freaked out person would do.
The Scream.jpg
I let out a little scream. Then turned around to run away and promptly tripped over the bucket we use to wash clothes that was still in the bathroom.

Spiderman leapt out of bed and was calling to me “Are you ok?”  and it was only getting up from the floor that I realised that the spooky sound was somehow coming from the water pipes and had occurred when I had turned on the hot water.

As for the person standing behind me… was own reflection. But having been tired and without my spectacles and with olive oil around my eyes I hadn’t recognised myself.

Oh dear.

I finished washing my face and then had to sheepishly crawl into bed. I tried to tell Spiderman what had happened and how I had managed to get frightened of the hot water tap and myself but it was too silly to explain. I was laughing so hard I could not even make the “WhhooooOOOOoooo” noise properly.

Upon waking up it seemed even funnier. How could I have been so easily duped?

So you honour, I present my defence.

I was bleary, blind and blurry at the time.

Case dismissed.  

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  1. You are your father's daughter for sure. He woke me up out of a sound sleep one night with him leaping into a full jujitsu pose and shouting HI YA! to his own reflection in the mirror. In his defence, we had just moved into the house on Stephen Circle and the way to the bathroom from the bed was opposite from the way in the old house. He had headed for the hallway door, which as you probably remember, had a full mirror on its back. The door was closed and he went into full battle mode with the assumed burgler. Feel better now?