Friday, 17 April 2015

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

Who has the best Mum in the world?

Me! It’s me!

Other people may want posh pressies but we want some good old fashioned down home stuff you can’t buy locally.

Namely GRITS.

I have written about my love for instant GRITS before and this is no exception.

Mmmmmm GRITS. Four boxes (that’s 48 packets!!!!) of gritty goodness.

But she excelled herself as she also sent four (count ‘em four!) bottles of Liquid Smoke.

Mmmmmm smoky flavour. Two kinds of smoky flavour--mesquite and hickory. Double yum.

We used to buy liquid smoke at Whole Foods in London but we ain’t near London no more baby. We could have ordered it off of Amazon, but as I am still unemployed we are a bit short of cash. So Mum to the rescue again!

Liquid smoke is great ingredient for adding that lovely depth of flavour to food. Because Spiderman and I agree, it is not meat we miss but that smoky, salty flavour. Add smoky, salty flavour to food and it ticks all the boxes of taste without anyone having to suffer and die. Same for cheese. What we miss is fatty, salty, creamy. Add those same flavours to a meal and it gives you the mouth-feel of dairy but without having to take someone’s baby away and steal their milk.


Thank you Mum for sending us a parcel of delights!  Diolch yn fawr, cariad!

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